On the day


The event will commence at 10.20am and conclude at 1.30pm. Download the 2017 RAC bstreetsmart program

Who should attend

This event is for students in years 10-12.

The RAC recommends:

Any student who has experienced recent personal road trauma or road trauma within their family or friends is advised NOT to attend the event as the event may cause them further distress.

Duty of care


Your school remains responsible for, and shall have a duty of care to its students whilst at the event. The school must provide a staffing ratio (that includes a teacher-in-charge) in accordance with the Department of Education, Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent School of WA’s excursion staffing ratio. Please ensure all attending staff are wearing clear identification.

The RAC recommends:

  • that schools bring their school Chaplain or Counsellor should their students require additional support at the event.
  • the school offers the opportunity for students to de-brief what they experienced at the event once back in class with their teacher.
  • that access to counselling, if required by any attending student, is made available through the school following the excursion.

Student support

Chaplains from WA Police, St John Ambulance and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services will be attending the event. Should schools need further assistance, RAC is providing an experienced Critical Incident Response psychologist to assist if required on the day.

Students with special needs

Any students with a special need must be accompanied by an allocated assistant at all times. Please contact us, if this applies to your school.

Medical needs

The teacher-in charge must be aware of any student’s potential medical concerns as students may be exposed to situations which could trigger reactions such as fainting, anxiety or an asthma attack. The teacher-in-charge must bring a copy of any relevant Student Health Care Plans with them to the event in the case of an emergency or treatment is required.

First aid

A fully staffed first aid room will be available to participants should any student or staff members require assistance.


Upon arrival at the main entrance of the venue, your school will need to advise security how many students you have in attendance. On the day, a Perth Arena staff member will accompany your school to your allocated seats.

Wheelchair access

Perth Arena provides allocated seating for participants requiring wheelchairs. Please contact us to advise if a wheelchair bay is required. All attempts are made to seat the student in the wheelchair close to their school. All allocated wheelchair bays also have a single fixed seat next to them.

Expectation of students

Students must be able to demonstrate responsible behaviour and respect the speakers, staff, emergency services personnel, equipment and venue at all times throughout the event. Students are expected to remain seated with their school group for the duration of the event. Students must wear appropriate school uniform.

Student discipline

Supervising teachers are required to maintain student discipline throughout the event, including whist the students are moving throughout the building, reminding students to be respectful and behave responsibly. If students demonstrate inappropriate behaviour the students involved will be withdrawn from the area. They will be supervised by a member of the Perth Arena and RAC bstreetsmart team until a school representative arrives. The principal will be notified and an appropriate plan of action will be determined according to the incident.

Should any damage occur to the Perth Arena building and it is captured on the CCTV cameras, or the culprit is caught in person, Perth Arena will report it to the relevant authority and all costs associated will be charged to the relevant person or people involved.

Food and drink

Bringing food

As this is a community event, Perth Arena have kindly allowed students to bring personal packed lunches and sealed drinks into the arena. As per the Perth Arena guidelines, there is to be no commercial food or drinks (e.g. McDonalds) and no outside catering (e.g. Subway platters) brought into the Arena.

Buying food

There will be a number of food outlets open during the lunch period for anyone to purchase a limited selection of lunch options.
More details to come.

Emergency response planning

Emergency evacuation procedures will be outlined at the commencement of the day. In the event of emergency, Perth Arena emergency procedures will be followed and all event attendees will follow the instructions of Perth Arena emergency wardens. Should an evacuation be required, attendees will meet at the Perth Arena muster point as instructed by Perth Arena emergency wardens. The teacher-in-charge will account for each student attending the event and record as appropriate.

RAC bstreetsmart personnel

  • RAC bstreetsmart Event Coordinator – will oversee the event throughout the day to ensure smooth running of the event together with the event committee.
  • RAC bstreetsmart organising committee – will be wearing RAC shirts.
  • All RAC bstreetsmart personnel – will be wearing identification tags.


A number of VIPs have been invited to attend the event (eg. CEOs of organisations, representatives of the road safety community etc). The VIPs will be seated in a separate block to the attending students.